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Pest, termite and weed control services for residential homes

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Bircher Exterminating provides quality pest control services to business and industrial clients, HOA housing, and condominium communities in the Greater Phoenix area.

Bircher uses the latest methods and technology to help you overcome your pest control problems. Serving many homeowner associations and residential customers, we are licensed, experienced and confident providers of high quality, personalized exterminating that fits your budget. Maximize your property’s value and preserve your good reputation.

Providing Quality Service to the Phoenix Valley Since 1994

Greater Phoenix area and surrounding cities

Providing Quality Service Since 1994

Since 1994, Bircher Exterminating Services Inc., of Phoenix, Arizona, has provided quality pest control solutions for individual homeowners, small to large businesses, property management companies, homeowners’ associations and government agencies.

We maximize health protection for the public against invasion of pests, using the latest exterminating techniques and quality products, with an awareness towards making the most minimally invasive environmental impact.

Bircher Exterminating Services provides a unique blend of residential and commercial pest elimination and control.

Our exterminating services can accommodate your budget while offering higher quality solutions, and more personal service than any national provider. We fulfill all of your pest control needs in the friendly and professional manner upon which we have built our reputation.

Frequently asked Questions

Why should I trust bircher exterminating services over a national chain competitor?
For over 30 years, Bircher Exterminating Services Inc. has been providing quality pest control solutions. We at Bircher Exterminating Services can provide a unique blend of residential and commercial pest elimination and control. Bircher Exterminating Services accommodates your budget while offering higher quality solutions, and more personal service than any national provider can. We are committed to fulfilling all of your pest control needs in the friendly and professional manner upon which we have built our reputation.
How do I get rid of these pests?!?
Many times, a pest problem will clearly require professional help. When you call Bircher Exterminating Services, we will give you up-front answers, clear estimates within your budget, and viable solutions for your pest control needs. We are reliable, experienced, and have established ourselves in the industry as a leader in commercial pest control.
Can I get rid of bedbugs using a bug bomb?
Using “bug bombs” such as those purchased at the grocery store, will only make the problem worse. Many attempts at self-treating for bedbugs can absolutely make the infestation worse, and will often spread the problem to adjoining apartments or spaces. Consulting a professional such as Bircher Exterminating Services ensures you are dealing with the problem bedbugs and not creating a more serious and widespread situation.
What about self-treating for bedbugs using diacemetious earth?
Using diacemetious earth can be a tricky solution. Many people using it do so incorrectly, causing the bedbugs to find alternate ways of getting into your space (such as climbing walls) and therefore spreading. Further, even “food-grade” diacemetious earth can often pose health risks when used in an inappropriate manner, and may not actually treat the bedbugs as intended. Worst still, people who mistakenly use diacemetious earth meant as pool chemical can end up spreading toxic material in their homes and offices, and may end up in the hospital with serious poisoning and respiratory illness. We highly recommend you consult a professional before attempting ANY self-treatment of a bedbug problem.
How do you remove a bee’s nest?
Carefully! While a bee’s nest should only be removed if it poses a threat to humans or structures, we highly recommend you hire a licensed pest control operator, such as Bircher, to prevent any kind of dangerous situation resulting in a swarm of angry bees, or a half-removed nest. Bircher takes extensive care to exterminate and remove nests in a safe and professional manner.
Can new furniture infest my home with termites?
Yes. Unfortunately, just as used furniture will often be responsible for bedbug infestations, NEW furniture can sometimes be found to spread termites as well. If you detect termites in your home, office or warehouse for any reason, or bedbugs, for that matter, it is absolutely imperative to have early detection. Bircher provides thorough inspections that will safeguard your environment and investments.
What licenses do you have? Do you have any professional affiliations?
Yes. We are licensed with:
Arizona Structural Pest Control Commission
California Structural Pest Control Board
State of California Department of Food & Agricultural
California Department of Pesticide Regulation

Our professional affiliations include:
Arizona Association of Community Managers
Community Associations Institute
Arizona Multihousing Association

How long does weed control take?
Of course, while it will vary based on the extent of your problem and the nature of your weeds, Bircher will be able to provide clear estimates for weed elimination and offers a complete system of weed preventative measures that will keep your landscaping and property clean and cared for.
Can I afford Bircher’s high standard of quality pest control?
Yes. Our utmost concern is providing excellent service with consideration of your budgetary needs. We work within many kinds of industries to provide solutions that are affordable and effective. Call us to see how we can come up with plan that absolutely works for you!

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